The bag that carries anything

Quality standard

A paper bag is the perfect packaging for a wide range of products – from luxury, fashion and decorative items to food, pharmaceuticals and electronics.
To increase market penetration, the suitability of paper bags to withstand heavy weights and all kinds of products for purchase can be tested. Paper bag durability can be measured in accordance with the European test standard EN13590:2003. This standard is based on scientifically conducted studies and will help retailers to avoid poor- quality carrier bags.

Quality certification system

The quality certification system for paper bags is based on the test standard EN13590:2003. This test method subjects the carrier bag to heavy weights while being lifted repeatedly.
The size of the paper bag is taken into account in the tests because the larger its volume, the heavier the load it must be able to carry. As a result of the certification, the paper bag is marked with the weight and volume it may carry.

Test method
1. The bag is filled with high-density polyethylene cylinders and then hung by its handles on the grip of the tester.

2. The test is started and the filled bag is first lifted and then lowered onto the table at a well-defined speed.

3. This lifting procedure continues until the bag breaks or has been lifted 20 times. For a quality to pass a certain weight, 19 out of 20 bags must withstand 20 lifts each.

The impact of the right material

A strong and durable bag is a real asset to a retailer. It protects the goods, reduces waste and saves money. The key to performance lies in the material and the construction of the bag. It is wise to choose a tested and certified paper bag.

Strong kraft papers
Kraft paper is an excellent choice for carrier bags that must withstand heavy loads. It is especially developed for demanding packaging and is made from slow-growing spruce and pine from sustainably managed forests. The long fibres of the trees result in papers with high strength and durability.

Construction is important
The tests and analyses that have been carried out show that constructive elements affect the paper bag’s performance. The choice of glue and a proficient construction of the handles add to the bag’s strength and durability.