The bag emphasises
the brand in rental

Paper bags are an excellent vehicle to project the brand image of retailers, achieving maximum visibility within their environment and generating great appreciation from customers.

Putting value in the hands of the customers

These are the functions that are used when assessing the material used for bags, and this is where paper bags play a strategic role to help retailers achieve the following objectives:

  • Dispense truly sustainable bags
  • Support a new consumer culture
  • Improve delivery of purchases
  • Advertise with imagination
  • Remain in the minds of buyers
  • Demonstrate social responsibility

The bag that is the centre of attention

Paper bags allow great creativity and development of the brand image due to their shape, texture and print quality. The paper bag is an inexpensive advertising medium which is available to all businesses and is very effective in making an impact throughout the city. Offering paper bags says a lot about a business – it conveys a message of appreciation for the environment and improves the quality of life of consumers.


of passers-by notice the messages printed on paper bags they see on the street


of consumers think that a brand printed on paper is more pleasant and attractive