Paper carrier bag converters and kraft paper producers join forces for a sustainable world

Stockholm, 21 August 2017. With the launch of an informative web presence and their first publication “The Green Book”, the platform “The Paper Bag” sets off. It was founded by the leading European kraft paper manufacturers and producers of paper bags. Against the background of the current legislative regulations concerning the reduction of plastic bags in the EU member states, they engage themselves to promote the comprehensive environmental credentials of paper carrier bags and support retailers in their packaging decisions in order to foster a worldwide bio-based economy. The Paper Bag is steered by the organisations CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC.

“Whether a manufacturer of kraft paper or of paper bags, the companies have to tackle similar topics in their communication, such as environmental or quality aspects,” explains Elin Floresjö, Secretary
General of CEPI Eurokraft, the European Association for Producers of Kraft Paper for the Packaging Industry. “By founding the platform, we are combining forces to address these issues and promote the
advantages of paper packaging together.”

Paper bags go online

From quality standard to EU legislation, branding and sustainability
issues – the new microsite comprises the most important facts and
figures about paper carrier bags: for example, the current legislative regulations in the member
states of European Union as well as information about the European quality certification system
or the comprehensive environmental credentials of paper bags.

The world of paper bags

“The Green Book” explains in detail all aspects that make up the world of paper bags. It includes different research results, infographics and reports. “There is a lot to discover behind a simple paper bag. Paper bags help to engage with consumers and to create a more sustainable world, naturally contributing to slowing down climate change,” says Ms Floresjö. “With the EU legislation that aims to reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags, retailers have to reconsider which kind of shopping bag they want to offer to their customers if they don’t bring their own bag. ‘The Green Book’ contains useful information that helps them in their decision.” It is available for download on the new website.

For further information, please visit or contact Elin Floresjö: +46 (0)8 783 8485, e-mail:

Note to editors:
CEPI Eurokraft is the European Association for Producers of Sack Kraft Paper for the Paper Sack Industry and Kraft Paper for the Packaging Industry. It has eleven member companies representing a volume of 2.5 million tonnes of paper produced in twelve countries.

EUROSAC is the European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sack Manufacturers. The federation represents over 75% of European paper sack manufacturers. Its members operate in 20 different countries. They produce more than 5 billion paper sacks per year, representing 650,000 tonnes of paper converted in 60 plants. Sack manufacturers from all continents and bag manufacturers also contribute to the federation as corresponding members, and more than 20 suppliers (paper, film, machine or glue manufacturers) are registered as associate members.